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Michael Westcott Films / Wedding and Commercial Videographer

Over the past 10 years of working in the film industry, I have developed my shooting style into what it is today.

I LOVE weddings! It is my mission to provide discreet filmmaking to ensure a relaxed and natural atmosphere, which allows me to create honest and engaging wedding films. It’s about much more than simply filming the events of the day - I aim to capture all the intricate details and emotions that make any event truly special.

I take special pride in capturing the raw sounds and being able to factor that into my work. The end result is a film that tells a story and gives you the chance to relive those special moments.

I have directed music videos for multiple artists and have been commissioned for commercial films for companies like Inspiring Scotland, Calmac, Argyll Holidays, Stramash, Oban Times and Oban Live. My film “A year in the life of Stramash” won the best film judges award at Peebles Outdoor Film Festival in 2016. I’d like to think that the variety of work I take on gives me a unique style and approach to each project. I aim to create films with feeling.

Being a CAA certified Drone Operator, I'm ready to tackle any needs from flying in iconic parts of London to the highlands of Scotland. I am always looking for that different perspective.

Alongside my video work, I also film and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. I really enjoy being outside and connecting with nature. A few exotic places I have explored whilst searching for wildlife are Portugal, The Amazon Jungle and Australia. Some of my work can be found on my wildlife Instagram page @wildlifewestphotography as well as my Wildlife Page.

Lastly, some personal stuff. I have a keen interest in playing badminton and guitar. Whilst on the road, listening to country music is what makes me tick but also listen to Radio One in the mornings for a good laugh and to balance out my music tastes.


I always choose Michael Westcott to help me with projects where we need to capture and edit film footage, mostly for social media content, and he delivers every time - spot on. Young fresh talent who is definitely going places. Get him now before Hollywood steals him! Everyone must check out his show reel and other video content on his website. Thanks, Michael, for putting up with my last minute requests! - Pauline (Oban Live).

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