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Wedding Films with Feeling

Weddings are all about love. Every wedding is different because every love story is unique. A wedding is only one day, but so much comes before it that leads two people to this moment in their lives; this new chapter of their love story. It’s my job to capture that moment so that you can relive it as many times as you wish.

I record all the special moments that make the day uniquely yours - the tears, the smiles, the hugs, the heartfelt words and the love shared. I also aim to capture all the little details you put so much care and thought into selecting so that when you rewatch your film in 10 years, or 20, you still remember it like it was yesterday, and all those feelings come rushing back. This is what makes my wedding films truly timeless and unique, the focus is always in capturing the emotion, not just the image.

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I never go out without a camera, which is convenient considering filming is my job and my passion. Consequently, I began work in the wedding industry in 2011 and I have developed my shooting style into what it is today. As a wedding videographer, I am confident in providing a relaxed and unobtrusive style which results in truly delicate and dreamy wedding films with feeling.

Moreover, I believe that having a professionally made video of your special day is equally as important as the photographs. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and also one of the few where all of your friends and family will be at the same place at the same time, so having a memory in motion of all these people is hugely meaningful.

A film with feeling? What do you mean by that?

Through my years of experience I have become increasingly aware of how crucial it is to capture the locations, the sounds and the atmosphere of the occasion and the people you choose to share it with in order to create a more engaging feeling to your film.

However, I take a maximum of 15 wedding bookings per year, to ensure I always spend the required amount of time working on each one & no part of the process is rushed or the quality compromised. For more information about my wedding videography packages or how I can adjust my packages to suit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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You can tell within minutes of meeting Michael that he absolutely loves what he does and his attention to detail is very impressive. The way he roams around and captures everyone talking and mingling makes the footage seem very natural. Him and the photographer seemed to bounce off each other very well. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

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Wedding Videography Packages







Two camera operators.

3-4 minute Trailer film.

15 -20 minute Feature film.

1 minute instagram teaser

Drone footage – Where permitted.

Speeches and ceremony in their entirety.

Licensed custom music embedded into your films.

Bride and Groom preparations.

Family and Friends Messages

Delivery on private gallery to view and download.

Single operator with 3 cameras.

8-10 minute Highlights film.

1 minute instagram teaser

Drone footage – Where permitted.

Speeches and ceremony in their entirety.

Licensed custom music embedded into your films.

Delivery on a private link.

Single operator with 3 cameras.

3-4 minute Trailer film.

1 minute instagram teaser

Drone footage – Where permitted.

Speeches and ceremony in their entirety.

Licensed custom music embedded into your films.

Delivery on a private link.




Prices start from £1800

Let's talk about your wedding!

All packages include a 100 mile radius from where i live.


Here are some add-ons that can be added to any Wedding Videography package for an additional cost





Family and Friends Messages

Additional Camera Operators

Pre- Wedding Film

4K Highlights Film

Sometimes I cannot capture groom preparations nor capture guests arriving. Having a second shooter with me all day will ensure I capture these special moments as well as more angles of the confetti, reception, couple shoots (a drone could be used for this) A second shooter is valuable asset for your wedding day.

This is a film that focuses on the story of you both. It involves having a chat with me individually and then visiting a meaningful place where I capture you both in your element.If you have kids or a dog - feel free to bring them along too.

If you have a 4k projector screen or tv set up in your home then you're going to want to see your film in Ultra HD!

Have you ever wanted to hear what your guests think about you and how they found your wedding day? The answers will lie within as I have a chat with friends and family of your choice towards the end of the day.





Additional Party Coverage

Raw Uncut footage

First Dance in its Entirety


If you'd like your films delivered in a unique wooden black box on. a USB stick that comfortably sits inside surrounded by charcoaled moss then this is the option for you. Please see some images below to see what yours could look like.

If you fancy seeing your first dance as it happened, then this option is for you. Similar to the speeches and ceremony, I will edit your first dance between 2-3 cameras.

If you have a special dance planned late into the night then I can cover that for you in real time.

This add-on allows you to see everything I've captured on the day. All unedited, graded and on a hard drive. I only keep the footage from your day for 1 year after so this is a must for your own backups and memories.


engraved with your name and date

michael westoctt films usb box with usb in moss

This is for those who are in search of something different, unique ands special to keep your films in a more traditional physical form. The box is made out of charcoaled black wood and in it lies some soft moss to safely secures your USB 3.0 stick which contains all your films.

michael westoctt films usb box
michael westoctt films usb box side
Wedding Videography - Kind words Ben

Kind Words

More than worth the wait!

“She cried, she smiled and she laughed.  It’s everything we hoped for.”

Ben Hudson

Wedding Teasers

📌A M Y + S T E V E - T E A S E R ❤️

📽 by Michael Westcott Films

🏰 Coul House Hotel

📷 Michael Carver Photography

" Oh my goodness we love it!! We honestly can’t wait to see the full thing now after just seeing that... your editing is flawless! "

Amy Mcleod

📌 C L A I R E + S C O T T - T E A S E R ❤️

📽 by Michael Westcott Films

🏰 Talla Na Mara, Harris

📷 Ezra Studios

👗 Angelique Lamont Bridal

💄 Karis make up and beauty

💐 Bespoke blooms by Maybury

" Awww this is fabulous, absolutely buzzing to see the actual one ❤️❤️❤️ "

Claire Macaulay

📌A D E L E + C A L U M - T E A S E R❤️

📽 by Michael Westcott Films

🏰 Fasque House

📷 Holly Rose Weddings

" We’ve just watched the trailer (literally as soon as Calum got off the plane 😂 ) - it’s absolutely amazing - thank you!! So fun to be back in the moment of the day again 😁 We’ve had so many people commenting on how amazing the wedding teaser video is so thanks again 😊 "

Adele Creaney

amy and steve couple shot black and white coul house hotel

Wedding planning Advice

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Below are a few blog posts that I've written (I will be adding more over the coming months) which I hope you will find helpful for your wedding day planning in Scotland

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