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The Best Wedding Venues in Aberdeen

If Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire are your ultimate choice for a dreamy wedding, you’ve got a great aesthetic sense.

The whole vicinity of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is occupied with some of the best wedding venues. Be it Aboyne, Braemar, Stonehaven and Ballater, Aberdeenshire is true heaven for getting married.

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A quiet and protected house, magical gardens and a clean Victorian barn in Aberdeenshire, Aswanley sits on the edge of the Grampian Highlands. Aswanley has a unique combination of formal and informal spaces meaning there's so much scope to create a truly magical videography content specified to the individual couples wedding day.
It's an incredible place for weddings in Scotland.

drumtochty castle

Drumtochty Castle

The Drumtochty Castle is located in Kincardineshire, Scotland. The mansion is built according to the neo-gothic architecture. Drumtochty Castle is a stunning wedding venue with royal led interiors and ravishing views. At first, you’ll be amazed to view this panoramic church looking castle. And later, you’ll fell awestruck while exploring the beautiful castle lodges and apartments. This venue definitely has fairytail vibes especially their gorgeous reservoir that has a arched bridge connecting the couples to the small island.

Meldrum House Hotel

meldrum house hotel

Meldrum House Hotel is a treat to wander into, located in the outskirts of Aberdeenshire. Meldrum House Hotel is comprised of two restaurants, 50+ bedrooms, and spectacular ballrooms. The hotel is a perfect cocktail of the antique architectural tastes of 13th century and the luxurious ambiance of the 21st century. The wedding arrangements at the Grande hotel are perfectly managed through customised services. You’ll be enchanted with the views around, irrespective of any season.

Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel

macdonald pittodrie house hotel

Macdonald Pittodrie House Hotel is situated in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. The tranquility and serenity of the view, as you step through the lush green pathway of the hotel. If your wedding is about to happen around spring or summer, then you’ll be able to make an outclass wedding venue. Even if you’re a winter fan, you can still glimmer your wedding with a cozy wedding set.

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fasque house aberdeenshire

Fasque Castle

The exclusive Fasque Castle or Hotel is a perfect destination for a premium luxurious wedding. The interiors are embedded with royalty and an exquisite architectural embellishments. For your delight, Fasque Castle is one of the biggest wedding venues in the entire Scotland, with all it’s grace hallways and lanes.

glen tanar ballroom

Glen Tanar Ballroom

The alluring Glen Tanar Ballroom is located around Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. The ballroom is enough for 150-200 guests, depending on the time of the occasion. The ballroom is a fusion of antique and luxurious ambiance to cater intimate weddings. Moreover, you can have a piano show at your wedding, as the ballroom is equipped with that too.


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