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ASiT 2022

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Doctor / Surgeon Conference at the P&J, Aberdeen

A Doctor Surgeons Conference in Aberdeen aimed at sudent and aspiring doctor/ surgeons

This was my first conference I have covered and I couldn't have done it without the amazing Joanna Jamrozy who not only acted as a second shooter but took lead as the role of producer and spoke to all the staff and delegates to get the best answers from them in the interviews.

ASiT hired me to create a highlights video promoting their 46th annual conference in Aberdeen. It was a 3 day intensive event covering a broad range of types of surgery and offering students to get the chance to get hands on and learn from industry professionals to improve their surgical careers. Definitely head on over to their website and find out more information -

michael westcott and joanna jamrozy pose asit conference

behind the scenes

michael westcott and joanna jamrozy inbetween interviews asit conference

To the left is Joanna and I posing whilst we capture the last of the main interviews on Day 3 of the event. To the right is Joanna and myself capturing interviews of the sponsorships of the event and Joanna is caught mid laugh whilst she make them all feel at ease.

"It's fantastic. You've done such a great job consolidating 3 days into one video!"

michael westcott and joanna jamrozy filming main interviews behind the scenes asit conference

To the left, myself and Joanna captured filming with Sony a7siii and A1 cameras capturing the evening guests mingling at the Chester Hotel. This was during their Awards evening dinner party where they presented a series of awards to certain people who achieved outstanding work in their particular fields. To the right is a behind the scenes image of the interview set up on Day 3.

michael westcott and joanna jamrozy filming asit conference

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joanna jamrozy filming baily malic asit conference

Special thanks to Emma Boyd who was a such a fantastic photographer to work with and took some of these fabulous behind the scene photos. Her work is fantastic and you should go and check out her work.

asit conference 2022 michael joanna and emma cheers
michael westcott filming robotic arms at asit conference

Some more behind the scene pictures.

asit conference 2022 joanna and gear trolly
michael westcott films in action with sony and make art now shirt
asit conference 2022 interivew with president behind the scenes
michael westcott dji rs2 pro asit conference
michael westcott filming whlist on screen the smallhd focus monitor
asit conference 2022 selfie
asit conference 2022 interivew set up
asit conference 2022 michael westcott backing up footage at chest hotel aberdeen
asit conference 2022 interivew with delegates

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