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Scotland Commercial Videographer

Michael Westcott Films offers a variety of services to meet any need. This includes commercial videography which can involve aerial, video & photo packages, and much more.

No matter the industry or size of your business, we can work together to create the right content for you, to tell a story that people will remember.

Perhaps you’re a business looking for brand awareness, or a wedding venue looking to improve or add to your marketing content.

Videography can be an incredible tool when done right and used correctly. It can be used alongside professional photographs to showcase the brand awareness of your business. It can also help secure project funding or be used to share your success stories from previous events. High-quality commercial videography can bring your vision to life.

Michael Westcott Films is currently based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and regularly works within the local area and surrounding areas such as Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We welcome any and all enquiries and look forward to discussing how our commercial videography services can work for you.


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