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Aberdeen Wedding Videographer, creating films with feeling

Scotland Wedding Videographer Michael Westcott Films Filming Couple in the Rain

Hi there, my name is Michael. I am a creative and award-winning wedding videographer capturing weddings throughout Aberdeen and Scotland. I love everything about weddings, the people, the magical moments, the joy and laughter. Please take a look at my portfolio and get in touch if you would like to have a chat. I'd love to hear your wedding plans and see if we are the right fit for each other.

"There's no better feeling than delivering the final Wedding film to a couple and them seeing moments they never knew happened!"

Wedding Videographer in Aberdeen

Aberdeenshire has a rich history and has everything from castles to cathedrals, lodges to stately homes to show for it.  There’s no doubt that Aberdeenshire has more than its fair share of beautiful period buildings many of which have been transformed into luxurious wedding venues. So if you are looking to get married in towns such as Newburgh, Old Meldrum, Breamar or Huntly then you are in luck! Venues such as Meldrum House Hotel in Old Meldrum, the Glen Tanar Ballroom in Breamar or even Aswanley in Huntly, I take huge enjoyment in capturing special moments and telling the story of your wedding day, giving you cherished memories for the rest of your life to look back on. Couples planning a Aberdeen Wedding have an abundance of simply incredible venues to choose from which includes rustic barns, luxurious country houses, stylish hotels like the Chester Hotel and intimate woodland and festival wedding venues all surrounded by the gorgeous and picturesque Aberdeenshire mountainous countryside.

I always think Aberdeenshire is a very historic county. Its enviable location means that it ranges from urban, think Stonehaven, Portlethen, Inverurie, and Banff that border with Perthshire and Angus.  Through to areas of outstanding natural beauty like Glen Tanar and the beautiful area of Kincardineshire, where the famous Drumtochty Castle and Fasque Castle lies. Aberdeenshire’s countryside has it all – at its depths lies Banchory, in the rich mountainous landscapes lies Aboyne which has easy access to the Glen Tanar Estate. If you are planning to get married in the North east of Scotland, whether you're looking for an incredible hotel in Aberdeen or a peaceful retreat in the Angus Countryside the county has it all to ensure a fantastic all-year-round backdrop when capturing romantic images.

Here are some Wedding video Teasers I have produced at a few of the wedding venues mentioned above.

adele and calum fasque house confetti

Picture at Fasque house with wedding confetti

Planning your Aberdeenshire Wedding

wedding planning advice around Aberdeen

So, after searching around the web a bit to find an Aberdeen wedding videographer near to you, you've typed Aberdeen wedding videographer then you've stumbled upon this page! I hope after reading through this page that I can help you decide to make the right choice for your wedding.

One of many things I love about being an Aberdeen wedding videographer is just how breathtaking the scenery is and how magical the venues are. I've filmed all sorts of weddings all over Scotland. I've seen couples get married on beaches, in ancient castles with incredible backdrops, in classy hotels, in barns, in pretty churches and gardens. I feel very fortunate to be an Aberdeen Wedding Videographer.

For a wedding, any time of year is just right. That’s why you should choose Aberdeenshire as the place for your big event! From summertime love stories to winter wonderlands and everything in between; this county has something that will suit every mood - and budget too (believe me when I say there are plenty).

The landscape here in Aberdeen isn’t just amazing during one certain period-it looks great every day thanks to its rich beauty which lasts throughout each season's offerings (even winter!). All of this helps us Aberdeen Wedding Videographers capture the little moments that you will treasure forever.

Why I'm a Aberdeen Wedding Videographer

"I am inspired by people and events happening all around me"

I always wanted to make films about people and places and when I heard an emotional bride's mother say "The most beautiful things in life are not things; they're people and memories" she inspired me with her words of wisdom and so I wanted my work to have the same emotional impact as her words did to me.

To see your father's proud emotional smile during the first look. To hold your special partner in the air for the first dance. These moments are priceless, something to be cherished for generations to come. Through film you will never forget your story. When you pledged yourselves to one another before family and friends, seeing your family loved ones in motion and reliving the love shining through every glance and touch is ever priceless.

Whether you're looking for something classic, modern or somewhere outside of society's norms - I've got it covered! From city hotels to country manors and even in between; whether your event is an intimate wedding in the rural landscapes of Aberdeen, or a castle wedding of 100 plus guests - Michael Westcott Films is here to help create cinema quality films that capture every moment with precision enabling you to see those tender moments only film can produce.

adele and calum fasque castle first dance
heather and arren macdonald pittodrie house hotel first look

Wedding Videography in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

📌L O R E T T A + D A R R E N ❤️

Aswanley, Aberdeenshire

👰 Lorreta Walker 🤵 Darren Walker 🏰 Aswanley Wedding Venue ⛪ Lossiemouth Baptist Church 💐 Robin's Egg 🍔Val Morrison 📷 Jen Owens Images 👗 Angharad Bridal 🍦 Rizza's Ice Cream 💇 Kenneth’s 💄 Lush Beauty 💌 Natalie Morrice 🚌 Deveron Coaches Ltd 🚗 GSM Wedding Cars 🎸 The Avenue

📌K I R S T Y + G R A N T ❤️

Meldrum House Country Hotel, Aberdeenshire

👰 Kirsty Gauld 🤵 Grant Cameron 🏰 Meldrum House Country Hotel 📷 Rubislaw Studio 💐 Little Flower 🍰 Couture Wedding Cakes by Sweetcheeks Ltd ✨ One Day Events 👗 Angharad Bridal 💇‍♀️ Niki Royan Hair 💄 Julia Stronach Makeup 🪑 Dream Events by Sarah 🎸 Velvet Noir

📌A D E L E + C A L U M❤️

Fasque House, Aberdeenshire

👰 Adele Callan 🤵 Calum Creaney 🏰 Fasque House 📷 Holly Rose Photography 💐 Isla Duncan Florist 💇 Zoe Gordon Special Occasion Hair 💄 Jade Koemans Make Up Artist 👗 Sassi Holford from Ivory Grace Bridal - Ballymena Bridesmaids Dress 💃 Perfect Bridal Rooms 👱‍♀️ Humanist Society Scotland Ceremonies 🎷 Marshali Scott Music - Saxophonist 🎹 Corra 🏷️ Rebecca Barnett Wedding Design 🍰 Little Crumb Bakehouse 🥘 Sinclair's Catering 💍 Sandy Menzies 🧴 Brown Sugar by Sam Milne 💅 Luxe Beauty by Leanne

How much does Wedding Videography in Aberdeen Cost?

Budgeting for a wedding videographer is an important step in wedding planning. In order to figure out how much you can spend, it’s essential that before making your decision on who will capture your day that what style of videography do you prefer?
I would recommend looking through portfolios from several different wedding videographers until one catches your eye as "the perfect fit." Then work towards figuring out just exactly where their pricing falls within your own budget.

I know from my experience that wedding videography is one of the most important aspects to capturing your big day. (Yes I am slightly biased here!) Moreover, I offer 3 all-day packages for competitive prices that will suit even those on a tighter budget. My prices start from £2000.

Additionally, all my packages include drone footage (where permitted) which you often have to pay extra for. I am also there all day so that I am able to capture everything! Please refer to my Wedding Videography Packages page for more information.

at the end of the day it all comes down to your budget.

Why couples book me for their wedding videography

If you don't like being the centre of attention then you're in luck! My filmmaking is done in a quiet and delicate way. Rather than using flashy equipment that would draw attention to myself as "the video guy" I prefer to work quietly with minimal cameras and focus on how each frame tells your own story.

If you seek me out on the day, I will usually be found in perfecting my stealthy videography skills. You may also find me quickly munching on a canapé which is one of my attempts to blend in with your guests... and because I get hungry after a busy morning.

Yet, please don't worry - sometimes people mistake me for one of their wedding guests with an amazing camera so they won't notice when I capture them being natural and just simply enjoying themselves. This allows me to capture the real moments you see in my wedding films above. You deserve to remember your wedding day in every detail, so you can hold on to this perfect moment forever. Your film will be a keepsake that you'll treasure for years and pass down through generations as a heirloom from one committed couple celebrating their love with friends & family by their side.

Regardless of the scenery of your wedding day, Aberdeen has it all for a visually striking display. The tears, laughter and special moments that swell with emotion are all beautifully captured through the lens of my camera. Working closely with he photographer I enjoy the challenge of finding the best light for each scene and I always aim for my style to be a kinematic and story driven approach rather than posed studio portraits. From dramatic seaside weddings or intimate country club ceremonies you can be sure that every detail will come out looking breathtaking.

I have had the pleasure of filming weddings throughout Aberdeen and Scotland for some truly amazing couples and all have loved the personal service, dedication and energy I provide to each and every one of them both before, during and after their wedding day. Check out the links below where you can see more of my style and approach, my wedding blog has a few examples of weddings I have shot. It also has wedding planning advice from previous brides. Please do check out My wedding videography packages so you can learn what you will receive when you make an investment with me to capture your day!

amy and steve couple shot black and white coul house hotel

Wedding planning Advice

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Below are a few blog posts that I've written (I will be adding more over the coming months) which I hope you will find helpful for your wedding day planning in Aberdeen

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