August 2, 2020

3 Reasons why a bride needs a videographer

Not having a wedding video to cherish after the big day is one of the biggest regrets felt by todays real brides.

I may be biased here but it's timely proven by couples I have spoken to, bloggers online etc who didn't think or even want there wedding filmed.

In an article by ‘Weddings Online’ about wedding day regrets, one of the most frequently repeated responses was not hiring a videographer.

Here are just 3 Reasons Why a Bride needs a Videographer

1. You’ll want to relive your day over and over!

Ask any bride and she’ll tell you, weddings are a blur! Try as you might, you’ll never take it all in at once. Luckily, hiring a videographer means you don’t have to. You’ll be able to look back on the day any time you want and relive all the happy moments.

2. Your wedding videographer can capture things you miss

The wedding film allows the bride to see moments she wouldn’t normally get to experience, such as her partner getting ready before the ceremony, or the guests reactions to the bridesmaids walking down the aisle. Your videographer can also capture all those little in-between moments while the photographer is busy, allowing you to relive the day in real detail.

3. A wedding film is perfect for sharing

Your family and friends will love getting to relive the day and you can even share it on social media. It makes a wonderful keepsake to share with future generations too! It also allows any loved ones who couldn’t make it on your special day to truly experience and feel part of it.

Furthermore, in an interesting article on Rock My Wedding emphasises this by quoting a famous line from Pretty Woman. It's an interesting read!

Hopefully those 3 reasons why a bride needs a videographer made sense and helped you in thinking if you should hire one or not.

one more reason why a bride needs a wedding videographer:

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