Music Video Attack Pattern Delta

My first music video shoot in Aberdeen, Scotland

Filming with the Panasonic EVA1, Sony a7sii and DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Attack Pattern Delta Music Video - Team


Attack Pattern Delta, a band based in Aberdeen, Scotland release their single from their brand new EP - "Vanishing Point." Colossus on the Horizon is of a self-contained concept and is told from the perspective of a person looking objectively at the state of the modern world and the growing global fear of self-annihilation through nuclear weaponry. The person is lamenting and despairs at the lack of empathy shown by our leaders, human blood lust, and fears for family and friends in the days to come. Filmed on the Panasonic EVA1,Sony A7Sii and DJI Phantom 3 Pro cameras.

Behind the Scenes - Attack Pattern Delta - Colossus on the Horizon

I also created a behind the scenes for the video which comprised of gathering footage from everyones phones and interviewing the band at the end of production.

Gemma Lucha - Actress http://www.instagram.com/gemmyfight

Special thanks to Varicam for loaning the camera which made this whole project possible!

Kind Words

"I recently hired Michael to produce a music video for my band Attack Pattern: Delta. Michael is an excellent filmmaker who took the time to find out what we were looking for and really got behind the project. His passion and eye for detail really helped flesh out the concept and the finished product is nothing short of sensational. Michael spent a lot of time getting the music video, a behind the scenes shoot and a teaser trailer completed to maximise our online presence, and his post-production advice and support has been excellent. I can’t recommend Michael highly enough for any video work you may have; be it corporate marketing, wedding shoots or music videos."

- Stuart Watkin

Freefly Movi M5


Michael with Sony a7sii and Panasonic EVA1

EVA1 and colour checker

The guitarists

EVA1 and guitarists warming up

Panasonic EVA1 close up

Panasonic EVA1 close up 2

Panasonic EVA1 with glidecam

Panasonic EVA1 framing

Attack Pattern Delta SELFIE

Attack Pattern Delta - Colossus on the Horizon BTS 1

Attack Pattern Delta - Colossus on the Horizon BTS 2

Michael westcott EVA1

Michael operating EVA 1

Gemma Lucha Glidecam

Gemma Lucha with EVA1

Michael Westcott BTS

Michael with think tank bag and equipment

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